When we talk about our country Viet Nam, Vietnamese people are so proud of traditional clothes which are preserved and respected over many years. When it comes to traditional clothing, ‘ao dai’ maybe spring to our mind first. Recently, over the last few years, Vietnamese youngsters are increasingly becoming more interested in other traditional costumes (Viet phuc). We will mention two kinds of them as below:

1/ Nhat Binh costume (square-collared garb)

Nhat Binh was worn by women in the Nguyen Dynasty. According to historical documents, this kind of clothes was only worn by the Empress, the Princess, and the Lady. As for its appearance, ao Nhat Binh is a straight-collared garb, whose collar dangles down, making two parallel lines. The origin of ao Nhat Binh was from Phi Phong garb, which was popular in the Ming Dynasty of China. Nhat Binh gets its name due to the rectangle embroider patterns in its collar.

In the past 60 years, Nhat Binh has almost disappeared in Vietnamese daily life. Recently, Nhat Binh and other types of Vietnamese ancient ao dai have been brought back to daily lives by Vietnamese fashion designers. Nhat Binh is now chosen by many young couples as wedding costumes.

The movement to learn about and wear ancient costumes has spread very quickly. As a result, many young Vietnamese people are now more familiar with wearing ao ngu than, ao tac, Nhat Binh costume during festivals, traditional Tet holidays, and daily life.

2/ Ao tac (a wide-sleeve five-body shirt)

Ao tac, a shirt from the Nguyen dynasty, also known as a kind of ao ngu than (five-body part) but with loose and bigger sleeves. Ao tac can be worn by any class in society, from the royal, officials, to the middle and lower classes, and can be worn by both men and women. Ao tac was considered as a formal dress. When wearing an ao tac, your two arms ought to be folded in front of the stomach because the sleeves are long and baggy. This action is to hide both hands and show humility, respect, and elegance in crucial events.

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