We’re all about finding unique experiences in every city we visit. This time we decided to do a photo shoot around the historical buildings in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon). And, to make our experience a little more exciting, we got the help of 2 local girls, wearing the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai dresses.

I know what you’re thinking… these girls don’t look Vietnamese at all. Yes! You’re totally right, they are not Vietnamese. But, they have lived in Vietnam since they were babies, they are locals!

Naomi, getting fitted for a traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai dress the day before the photo shoot.

This is Maeva, at her first professional make up session.

It’s not a secret that the Ben Thanh Market is a crowded place. However, if you want to experience the culture, this is the perfect place to interact with the locals and also get some cool souvenirs.

Maeva & Naomi buying some fruit outside the Ben Thanh Market.

Maeva & Naomi crossing the street in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Vietnam’s cyclo service firstly appeared in Saigon in 1939. It was a lavish transport for the french people. Nowadays, this vehicle is mainly used as a tourist attraction. Here are the girls posing for our cameras.

The walls of the Notre Dame Cathedral make a perfect backdrop for portrait photography.

Saigon Central Post Office. Not your usual post office.

Naomi & Maeva taking a break before our last stop at the Opera House.

Naomi & Maeva posing for their last photo in front The Saigon Opera House.

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